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Sehenswürdigkeiten in Kreuztal

Foto: Der Kindelsbergturm


Look-out tower (22 m high) on the Kindelsberg hill (618 m) with restaurant, built in 1907 by the "Sauerländischer Gebirgsverein" (Phone: 02732 / 82500,

ramparts of Kindelsberg (German)
Symbol of northern Siegerland (German)

Foto: Frontansicht Schloss Junkernshees

Castle Junkernhees

Renaissance-jewel of the Siegerland; One of the oldest and most remarkable profane historical buildings of the Siegerland. Follower of the watercastle, built by the knight Adam von der Hees in 1523. Construction of the framework gables in 1698. Westtower reconstructed in 1999. Adjoining buildings: former distillery and former mill (1796) - today dwelling houses.

Foto: Kirchturm in Ferndorf

Evangelical church Ferndorf:

Built in the first half of the 13th century; former St. Laurentius. Late Romanic Westphalian church.Nave with 3 bays und westtower with heavy square columns. Chancel rebuilt in 1887 with 2bay-transept. Grave epitaph (renaissance, cast iron) with epigraph and date 1559 of the knight Velten von der Hees. Church office: Mrs. Müller
Phone: 02732 / 21760
tuesday till thursday from 10.00 till 12.00 h, thursday from 15.00 till 18.00 h

Foto: Evangelisch reformierte Pfarrkirche in Krombach

Evangelican parish, Krombach:

Built about 1250; former St. Ludgerus. Simple late Romanic church with heavy westtower. Nave with 2 1/2 bays, mainchancel (1 bay) with semicircle apse. Heavy square columns in the middle-nave, cupola-like arches. Pulpit (1764) with graven padding, altar (1781). Steeple with "Romanic bonnet", old tower destroyed by lightning in 1706. Church office: Mrs. Peter
Phone: 02732 / 81287
monday till wednesday from 08.00 till 13.00 h, thursday from 15.00 till 18.00 h, friday from 08.00 till 12.00 h

Foto: Dreslers Park

Dreslers Park, Kreuztal

Culture- and citizen`s centre with library and city archive. Named after a family of fabricants, "Dresler". Buildings: "Yellow Villa", "White Villa", "Garden House", bandstand, and the "Kutscherhaus"-restaurant; Built between 1860 and 1880.

Foto: Aussichtsturm auf dem Altenberg

Altenberg, lookout tower (under construction till 2012):)

Former mining area between Littfeld and Hilchenbach-Müsen Relics of colony, mining and smelting (early 13th century). Signposted loop road.
Guided tours to the mining colony "Altenberg" and on a loop road to former mining areas near Littfeld and Müsen by the "Verein Altenberg & Stahlberg" in Hilchenbach-Müsen. Most historical findings are presented at the mining museum in Hilchenbach-Müsen, "An der Stollenhalde" street.
Open: every 2nd sunday in month (every sunday during summerholidays in NRW), 14.30 - 16.30 h, closed from december to march Information: Rolf Golze, Darmstraße 11, 57271 Hilchenbach, Phone: 0170 4114260 Kulturhandbuch des Kreises Siegen-Wittgenstein

Foto: Holzscheite aus dem Hauberg in Fellinghausen

Historical "Hauberg" Fellinghausen

Forest area, demonstrating the traditional working at the forests in the Siegerland. Information for guided tours: "Touristikverband Siegen-Wittgenstein":
The "Siegerländer Haubergswirtschaft" is considered a highly special form of low forest that for centuries across the face of the Siegerländer forests and coined unique in Europe. At a forest ownership in the forest cooperative Fellinghausen Kreuztal lives in these old economy further.

More information (german only)

Foto: Ausstellung im Heimatmuseum Ferndorf

Museum of local history, Ferndorf

Findings of the early history, products of local manufacturers (17th and 18th century), more than 200 square meters exhibition space. Ferndorfer Str. 62, Tel. 02732/4297
Open: every 1st sunday in month, 14.00 h till 17.00 h and on request

Foto: Kapelle in Littfeld

Collection of local history of the "Heimatvereins Littfeld-Burgholdinghausen e. V."

Hagener Straße, "Bürgertreff Kapellenschule", Phone: 02732 / 80976
about 700 photos of Old Littfeld; nearly all compositions of Johann Heinrich Jung, named "Stilling". Open: on request - entrance free. Mr. Fick (Phone: 02732/80651)

Tips for trips

Kreuztal is an excellent starting point for tours to all places of interest in the surrounding area.

Ziele bis 20km Entfernung

Foto: Windrad Ewiger Fuhrmann

Wind energy plants "Ewiger Fuhrmann", Littfeld

When completed in 2000 with a height of 150 meters and a rotor diameter of 66 m, this is the highest wind turbine in the world.
Information on the use of wind power, see

Foto: Stahlbergstollen in Müsen

Mining museum, Hilchenbach-Müsen (8 km)

380 m opened for visiting "Verein Altenberg & Stahlberg e. V.", Hauptstrße 86, 57271 Hilchenbach Information: Gerhard Klein, Breslauer Weg 10, 57271 Hilchenbach
Phone: 02733 / 128340 Mobile: 0170 / 4647978
Rolf Golze, Darmstraße 11, 57271 Hilchenbach
Mobile: 0170 4114260
or Martin Krause
Phone: 02732 / 1 27 32
Open: every 2nd sunday in month, 14.30 h till 16.30 h - while vacations in NRW, every sunday; in winter (December till March) closed.
Price: 3 Euro, children up to 14 years 2 €, children up to 6 years entrance free; groups from 10 people 2.50 € per person.

Foto: Eingangsbereich des oberen Schlosses

"Oberes Schloss" castle, Siegen (12 km)

"Siegerland"-museum with Rubens-gallery und mining museum; regional museum of the history of arts und culture
Burgstrasse, 57072 Siegen
Phone: 0271 / 23041-0, Fax: 0271 / 2304120
Open: tuesday to sunday, 10.00 h till 17.00 h, closed on monday

Foto: Blick über die Altstadt Freudenbegs

Historical Old Town of Freudenberg (13 km)

"Alter Flecken", one of the architechturally most important urban centers of Westfalen.

Foto: Obernautalsperre in Netphen

Dam "Obernau-Talsperre", Netphen (15 km)

Biggest dam for drinking water in the Siegerland; capacity of 15 Million cubic meters; 11 km loop road

Foto: Obernautalsperre in Netphen

Smelting House "Wendener Hütte", Wenden (15 km)

charcoal-furnace (1728)
Information: "Museumsverein Wendener Hütte e. V." Westfälische Str. 75, 57462 Olpe
Phone: 0 27 61 / 81-401
Open: From april till october, From november till march: only museum

Foto: Turm der Ginsburg

Giller with "Ginsburg",Hilchenbach-Lützel (16 km)

ruin "Ginsburg", 12th century,here Wilhelm von Oranien concentrated his troops in 1568 (struggle for freedom of the Netherlands); excellent look-out; collectionrooms (open all the year)
Information: Gudrun und Willi Wied, Schloßberg 1, 57271 Hilchenbach,
Phone: 02733 / 7402 o. 3899

Foto: Luftaufnahme der Biggesee

Dam Biggesee (20 km)

Biggest dam of NRW; 20 km long; Bath, fishing, camping, pedal boats, surfing, sailing, diving, round tours by ship (March till October).

Ziele von 21 bis 50 km Entfernung

Foto: Karl May Festspiele

Karl-May-Festival Elspe (30 km)

Zur Naturbühne 1, 57368 Lennestadt-Elspe
Phone: 02721 / 94440
Programm: Juni bis September

Foto: Attahöhle in Attendorn

Attahöhle cave, Attendorn (31 km)

discovered in 1907; one of the biggest and most beautiful stalactit caves in Germany;
total length 6.6 km, of which 1.8 km accessible
Information: Attendorner TropfsteinhöhlePostfach 130, 57425 Attendorn
Tel. 02722 / 9375-0, Fax 02722 / 9375-25
opening times: all year, closed in pre-and post-season

Logo: Panoramapark Sauerland

Panoramapark Sauerland Wildpark, Oberhundem (35 km)

Rinsecker Straße 100, 57399 Kirchhundem-Oberhundem
Phone: 0 27 23 / 7 16 22 - 0, Fax: 0 27 23 / 7 16 22 - 99
opening times: april to october, Wildpark on weekends throughout the year

Bild: Rhein-Weser-Turm in Kirchhundem

Rhein-Weser-Tower, Kirchhundem (36 km)

Look-out tower (684 m) restaurant
Ausflugslokal (Tel.: 02723 / 72242)

Bild: Schloss Bad Berleburg

Castle Bad Berleburg, Bad Berleburg (42 km)

castle of the princes "zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg" castle grounds, museum;
guided tours:
May till September: daily 10.30 h and 14.30 h
October till April: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, Sunday 14.30 h
(groups as of 20 persons on enquiry)
Phone: 0 27 51 / 4 21
Copyright Foto: Fotofreunde Feudingen